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Law Offices of Yang and Partners is a New York-based firm that has served the Chinese community for more than 20 years, providing the highest quality legal services to its clients through its global perspective and expertise. Our Firm is professional and unique in dealing with complex issues involving both China and the United States in different areas of practice.


Law Offices of Yang and Partners is committed to providing high efficiency and high-quality legal services to our clients, making use of our advantages to enable clients to get the information at the best time, obtain assistance, and let clients grasp the opportunity.


Law Offices of Yang and Partners has the legal profession in both China and the United States. Our first-class elite team graduated from the TOP universities in the United States and China. We have a deep knowledge of the law language, proficiency in both English and Chinese, mainstream law firm experience, legal knowledge in various areas of China and the United States, and understand the eastern and western business culture and habits of thinking. We assist our customers to break through the language and cultural barriers, then reach their career development. Our experienced and professional lawyers include litigation lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, immigration lawyers, real estate lawyers, tax lawyers, marriage lawyers, and etc.


When you have legal-related problems and difficulties, we will discuss with you and present you countermeasures and solutions, for you to strive for the greatest rights and benefits.

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